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The Mini CD is just 3" (8cm) in diameter. It is a fantastic little marketing tool as it holds 180Mb of data or audio and comes with a wide range of packaging options.We offer a start to finish professional CD Replication service where we will work with you from the concept of your project (including CD Authoring) to the finished article. We also offer some of the best prices in the UK.

Why Choose CD Replication?
Many people use the terms CD Duplication and CD Replication interchangeably. However, they are actually two different processes.
Both are similar in that they are used to put data, video or audio onto a CD or DVD but that is where the similarities end. CD Replication is
used for runs of 500 and over and CD Duplication is used for smaller productions.
The Replication Process
With CD Replication we use the sub-master (cd-r or dvd-r) to create a glass master which in turn allows a set of stampers to be made.
Injection molding makes exact clones of the master, using the stampers. A coat of reflective aluminium is added then sealed with a
protective coat of lacquer hardened by ultraviolet light. After this the discs we send the discs through another process for the disc
label to be added. A process called offset printing is used to add the label which produces the highest quality print for replicated discs.
Offset printing is 175 lines per inch (vs. 85-135 lines per inch for silkscreen). The more lines per inch the better the quality.

Because offset printing uses plates and rollers to transfer the ink to the CD or DVD surface, the coverage is smooth and even (there are no "screen marks" on the CD surface) Audio, data and video sub masters need to be written in DISK-AT-ONCE MODE (DAO). All sub masters must be checked for errors / glitches.

For Quantities of less than 500 please go to Mini CD Duplication.

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