Sending Your Master DVD-R

Please send your master DVD-R to us by post (registered delivery) To:
I Need Media (Riviera Multimedia Ltd)
Unit 32, Carrwood Road
Grange Lane Industrial Estate
Stairfoot, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
S71 5AS

DVD-R Duplication
We do not guarantee that all DVD-R's will work in all stand-alone DVD players.
The reason for this is:
1) Certain DVD stand-alone players are not designed to play this format.
2) Certain DVD stand-alone players may reject the DVD-R dye colour
We use RITEK, VERBATIM and XPERT MEDIA DVD-R disks for our DVD duplication runs.
We find these disks to be most compatible with stand-alone machines.
The current statistics show that 75%-85% of stand-alone DVD players will play this format.

DVD Duplication options:
1) We Recommend you take delivery of a test disk before a large run.
2) Opt for DVD Replication (99.8%) compatibility.

DVD Masters must be created on reputable DVD Authoring software.
We recommend any of the following:
Sonic Scenarist - DVD Studio Pro - Apple DVD Studio Pro - DVD Lab Pro . A DVD-R can be used as a master for DVD5 (under 2 hours)
replication jobs. DVD9 (over 2 hours) jobs must be supplied on DLT (NOT DVD-DL) Encryption (CSS) CANNOT be added to DVD-R MASTERS

If you are having dvd's replicated for worldwide please note the following information on zones.
DVD's can be encoded with an option which specifies which regions in the world the discs can be played.
Here is a list of the major zones.
Zone 1 United States of America, Canada
Zone 2 Europe, including France, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, Japan and South Africa
Zone 3 Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo and Indonesia
Zone 4 Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America
Zone 5 India, Africa, Russia and former USSR countries
Zone 6 Peoples Republic of China

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