MCPS Licence Information

If you are recording music you will need an MCPS licence.
All CD Audio jobs require an MCPS license.
If you are recording your own music and lyrics you will still need a licence but your licence will be FREE.


Licenses are
FREE if it is your own music.

MCPS Information

Every recorded track has two rights:
1. a copyright in the musical and lyrical composition (administered by PRS for Music for public performance, broadcasting and online and MCPS for physical products, broadcasting and online).
2. a separate copyright in the actual sound recording (administered by MCPS if you are using production music, the sound recording owner if you using commercial music on a physical product (typically the record company which released it originally) and PPL for public performance and airplay.) 
What if you are using the original recording?
MCPS and/or PRS for Music should be able to issue you a licence for your desired music use but if you are using original recordings you also need to get approval for the use of these.
If you are playing sound recordings in public or are broadcasting music via radio, TV or the Internet you will need to get a licence from PPL.
If you are using original recordings on a physical product you will need to obtain permission from the original sound recording owner. This can be identified by looking at the P & C notices on the back of the original CD or see 'Useful Contacts' below. Failure to secure approval for the use of sound recordings will invalidate any MCPS licence obtained.
What if you are using your own recording?
If you have made your own recording of an existing musical composition, better known as a 'cover version', you are the sound recording owner and will only need to obtain an MCPS licence for any physical products you produce.
However, if in creating your cover version you have in any way rearranged or adapted the original musical composition you will need to seek permission from the music publisher or, if unpublished, the writer/composer involved.
Useful contacts
If you need to find the owner of a sound recording please contact PPL on 020 7534 1000 or visit

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